Make Do and Mend Shirt
Make Do and Mend Shirt

Shirt "Make Do & Mend" cotton vintage white



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Make do and mend – this phrase comes from World War II and was supposed to encourage people of this era of harsh rationing to create new clothing out of old and worn out clothes.

We are lucky to not experience war in our country at the moment, but our time has different issues. We live in times of abundance. More things than ever needed are produced every day and most of them get thrown away.
The devastating consequences for our environment, the people on who’s backs these cheap prices are realised and in the end for ourselves,get more and more obvious every day.
So this phrase gets a new meaning today. Instead of throwing old things away, we should try to mend them. Instead of buying new things, we should try to make something new out of something old.

We can buy from small labels, that take care of the environment, instead buying from huge brands. So the things we buy last longer.
Today our consumer behaviour is the only true politcal impact we have. If we start to change our attitude, we can change something bigger.

The Illustration is by Canadian artist Nathalie Rattner, Layout and Lettering by Berlin based graphic designer St. Anchor Graphics exclusively designed for Poppy Ray.
The design will is printed in redorange and brown on a slim fitted fairtrade Girly shirt from Stanley / Stella in vintage white. Please note, that this shirt runs a bit bigger than the Selfmade Lady Shirt.

The Shirt is made of 100% Organic ring-spun Combed Cotton.


The width of the printed illustration is about 25cm. Please note that it is be printed the same scale on every shirt. So depending on the shirt size, the proportion can vary.

Please find the producer’s size chart within the product pictures. This shirt is available from size XS-XXL.

The allover “Poppy Ray” lettering on picture 2 is a watermark and is not be printed on the shirt.

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