Self covered fabric buttons

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Self covered fabric buttons look beautiful on every piece of garment and are quite simple to make. In our shop we offer different size packages, also refill packs and handy templates, to mark the right spot on your fabric.
Here is a little tutorial, to show you how it works.

Stoff bezogene Knöpfe

With the handy template you can mark the spot, that is supposed to be visible on your button.

Stoff bezogene Knöpfe Tutorial

Cut around the larger circle. In our shop we offer different types of packs: the ones including the tool or refill packs.

Stoff bezogene Knöpfe Tutorial

Put the fabric inside the transparent part of tool and push in the outer shell of the button. You can also first put some glue of a glue stick on the outer shell, position the fabric in the right place on it and then push both together into the transparent part of the tool.

Stoff bezogene Knöpfe Tutorial

Push the fabric inside the outer shell and put the backpart of the button on it.

Stoff bezogene Knöpfe Tutorial

Use the blue part of the tool to push the backpart inside the outer part.

Stoff bezogene Knöpfe Tutorial

Remove the button from the transparent part.

Stoff bezogene Knöpfe Tutorial

And here is your button!

Stoff bezogene Knöpfe Tutorial

Stoff bezogene Knöpfe Tutorial

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