Buckles to cover

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There is a new category in the shop: buckles to cover!
A great accessoires to complete your vintage inspired look. Here is a little tutorial to show you, that is quite easy to do with our buckle kits.

kit includes:

  • buckle front
  • buckle back
  • tong
  • pattern made of double- faced adhesive tape

you will also need:

– fabric – a small scrap for the buckle, one piece 1x length of your belt/2x width of your belt+ seam allowance (just take one of your belts as reference)
– interfacing, length x width of your belt
– eyelets

I am making a Scottie belt.

buckle to coverbuckle to cover

I start with the buckle. The template is made of double faced adhesive tape. I remove the paper on one side.

buckle to cover

I put the template on my fabric scraps and cut it in shape.

buckle to cover

I cut the corss in the middle and also the little slits on the side.

buckle to cover

I remove the second paper and put the buckle on my fabric.

buckle to cover

A little advice: cut little slots on the corner, so it’s easier to work accurate. Now I just fold the fabric inside.

buckle to cover

You can put some glue on the backside of the buckle. But it also works without.

buckle to cover

For the tong I use some pliers. Don’t push too hard, the metal in the middle is quite fragile. So please be careful.

buckle to cover

Now I am making my belt. My waist is 80cm, so I use a piece of fabric by the length of 110cm. The width depends on the width of the buckle. In this case it is 1,8cm .

So my piece of fabric is 110 x 4,6cm, my interfaciung 109 x 1,8cm.
I fold my fabric in the middle and iron it.

I want a pointed belt, so I cut my interfacing like this an iron it on the fabric. I sew just the pointed part and turn it on the right side.


buckle to cover

I iron the seam allowance on both sides to the inside.

buckle to cover

Now I sew the complete belt on the right side. I sew a little buttonhole on the end, to pull my tong through.

I turn the end over and sew it by hand, so you don’t see the stitches on the front.

buckle to cover

At the end I only have to apply the eyletes and here is my new belt!

buckle to cover

buckle to cover

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